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Jazz pianist and composer. After completing a diploma in Agricultural Engineering, Tomás Becket begins his formal musical studies at the Taller de Músics de Barcelona, ​​where he learns jazz piano, harmony, musical language, etc. At the same time, he studies classical music with private teachers, as well as attends various international jazz courses and seminars with teachers such as Chano Domínguez, Abe Rabade, Jordi Rossy, Seamus Blake, Perico Sambeat and Ze Eduardo, as well as various free improvisation courses with Agustí Fernández and composition with Roque Baños.

In Barcelona, ​​he founded the trio that accompanies the Venezuelan artist Cecilia Bellorín, and is part of different jazz groups (“Tres quarts de swing”, “Jazz Locomotion Quartet”), playing in venues in Barcelona (Harlem jazz club, Pipa club , London Bar, etc.), as well as in various clubs in France and Holland.


Later he resides in Valencia and Alicante where he is part of various jazz formations ("Jazz connection quintet", "Julio Mendoza quartet") playing at various festivals and clubs. He is also a member of “Afasa”, a Beninese music group led by Kuami Mensha, with whom he performs at World Music festivals. At that time, he graduated from the University of La Rioja with a degree in History and Sciences of Music, with a particular interest in ethnomusicology.

He is also part of the group of the Spanish-Brazilian singer Javier Volar, performing in Morocco and Spain. In Morocco, he collaborates with the Moroccan gnaoua-fusion group Kiff Samba and with the maalem Abderrazak Hadir and knows more about Gnaoua and Berber music. 


During his stay in the Valencian Community, he shared the stage with musicians of the stature of Mario Rossy, Voro García, David Pastor, Jeff Jerolamon, Matt Baker, Jesús Santandreu, Catharina Wiborgh, etc.


In Valencia, he created the show “Around a table”, in which live music, contemporary dance by Patricia Gracia, painting by Francisco Hernández and lighting by Ximo Díaz interact with each other, acting regularly through the SARC . 


In 2013 he published in Barcelona, ​​where he moved for a short period of time, the jazz CD "Ciao", with original compositions together with the musicians Ramón Díaz, Emilio Martín Aguilar, Jeppe Rasmussen and the collaboration of the singer Cristina Masía.

In 2013 he moved to the north of Chile with his Chilean partner, where he worked as a pianist in various formations, participating in festivals and concerts, both in Chile and Bolivia, and he gave workshops and classes on piano, improvisation and modern harmony. Also, in his role as an ethnomusicologist, he conducts research on Afro-Peruvian music and Andean music..

On the other hand, he has developed extensive work as a teacher, teaching Piano-jazz, Harmony, and History of Music mainly, both privately and in various academies and music schools. He has also been an online teacher of Indian Music and Ancient Music..

As an audiovisual composer he has made variousEn este último tiempo está retomando el proyecto "Alrededor de un cuadro" y centrando sus energías en temas originales para su trío de jazz. works for short films and documentaries (“El Voto”, “Excusados”, “Flor de Invernadero”, “Do” etc.), for puppets (“L’Avetxutxu”), and for advertising.

During his stay in Chile he traveled to Barcelona, ​​where he completed a Master's Degree in Audiovisual Soundtrack Composition at the ESMUC (Escuela Superior de Música de Catalunya). In 2019 he moved to Barcelona, ​​where he currently resides and where he is part of two musical projects, "Cuarteto Influenciado" and "Gnawa Collective".

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