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Workshops and Training

• Degree in Musicology from the University of La Rioja (2009)

• Complete studies at the Barcelona Jazz and Modern Music Workshop (1991)


Classroom and online piano, improvisation and harmony classes.

I offer private or online lessons of piano, improvisation and harmony. I offer experience, seriousness, and methodology adapted to the level and needs of the student.

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Music workshops for young people


I offer workshops for young people, whether they are initiated or not in the world of music. With some instructions and some instruments you can make music in a group and have fun while learning.

For young people already initiated in an instrument, I carry out initiation workshops to jazz and improvisation.


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The main purpose of this course is to introduce students to the world of improvisation.


For musicians who come from the classical, it will help them to begin to make their way into a totally new world and to be able to get out of a prescribed role; For those who come from other disciplines, it will help them discover another world of sound and break down the barriers that are sometimes signified by the scales and chords they usually use.


In both cases, the student's intuitive, creative and musical capacity is developed.

It will work with the method of Conduction of Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris based on a code of signs and signals between a director and some interpreters. Various techniques and resources of free improvisation will be worked on, especially the following: attention to real sound, imitation, the use of tonal-atonal centers, the ability to concentrate, autarky and group practice, sound balance, roles, positioning strategies, tension -relaxation bipolarity, energy playing, active silences, internal and external times, reduction of language, reflexes, exploration of limits and contrasts, etc.

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